Casual elegance and exquisite natural beauty surround Little Venice Suites, a luxury destination situated at the centre of the romantic Little Venice area in Mykonos Town. An establishment that captures the city’s open-minded, cosmopolitan spirit and guests are invited to replenish in a luxuriously welcoming atmosphere.   Little Venice Suites offer a variety of well-appointed suites in inviting shades of white and blue that create aesthetic warmth and vitality. Interiors pare luxury down to its modern essence of serenity and subtle harmonies, but spare no expense with beautiful furnishings and artwork.   Classic Mykonian curves meet modern design and comfort at this resort, along with high-end services and facilities to satisfy your every desire. Each suite emphasizes a sense of space, carefully selected to the smallest details and showcases stunning views of the island’s white-washed cube houses and glistering blue waters.   Little Venice Suites is the perfect urban retreat for travelers who appreciate individualized style and hospitality and who also want direct access to the city’s most romantic spot, Megali Ammos Beach



Mykonos is accessible by flights. The Mykonos Island National Airport is located at a distance of about 4km from the main city. Daily flights from the Athens Airport are operated by Aegean Airlines and Air Olympia at regular intervals of thirty-five minutes. It takes approximately thirty-five minutes to fly from Athens to Mykonos. Apart from these options, seasonal flights are operated by Sky Express from Santorini, Rhodes, Volos, and Crete (Heraklion). Astra Airlines operates flights from Thessaloniki during July and August. Several charter airlines have carriers to Mykonos from other European airports in the months from May through October. 

Ferries and flights are the two modes of transport used to get to Mykonos.

Being an island city, bus services to Mykonos is not available. However, you can avail ferries from the mainland of Greece. Depending on the type of ferry you choose, it will take around three and a half to five and a half hours to reach Mykonos from Athens. A ride on a slow ferry will cost you around € 32 while it will take around € 54.50 if you choose a high-speed one. However, most ferries which connect Mykonos to Piraeus stop their service after October and again resume from April. Apart from ferries, you can also take a ride on a cruise ship from other Greek islands. 


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